CAPH Analytics

Clinical Analytics for Population Health Management (CAPH)

Powerful Analytics

Deep Healthcare Experties Get Clear, Actionable Insight

Advanced Capabilities

User Friendly Platform

Cost Efficient Model

Top Level of Security

Expert Consulting Services

Increased Efficiency & Foresight

The insight to identify at-risk populations, the foresight to manage them.

The powerful Population Health analytics tool provides unmatched insight into understanding high-risk patient populations. By aggregating data on costs, quality and efficiency measures across multiple sources, it proactively identifies gaps in care and segments at-risk populations, cutting clinical costs and ensuring viability in a fee-for-quality system.

  • Identify gaps in care
  • Reveal chronic disease population trends
  • Implement targeted, cost-saving intervention programs
  • Stratify patient populations by severity of risk
  • Monitor physician, facility and service line performance against standardized quality measures
  • Identify Patterns in clinical data and outcoms over time.

CaphAnalytics platform uses state-of-the-art BI and reporting tools to enhance clinical quality measurement, performance benchmarking, and clinical decision support.

CaphAnalytics offers an integrated approach to healthcare BI and reporting for healthcare technology companies.

Data aggregation, robust workflows, and actionable business intelligence provide insight into cost, utilization, and risk metrics to transition to population-based care.

Data is meaningless without a meaningful analysis.


Our healthcare analytics solutions normalize vast amounts of incredibly complex data across multiple sources in order to produce clear, human-powered insights you can act on.

Where We Fit


  • EMR
  • External Systems


  • ETL
  • Data Cleaning
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Conformation


  • KPIs
  • Models
  • Measures
  • Machine Leraning
  • Data and Analytics
  • Reusbale APIs for integration & Visualizations


  • Dashboards
  • D3 and JS Charts
  • Dynamic Filters
  • Customizable Charts & Pages
  • Mobile Ready
  • Drillthrough
  • Intervention
  • Workflow enabler

How We Do It


A single bit data platform that unlocks the valur of your own information.


Healthcare experts who draw on decadesof experience to meet your needs.


Configurable Bl-Clinical Rules Engine


Scalable & Flexible Architecture

Business intelligence is not one size fit all. In the ongoing search to better manage risk, predict behavior and determine intervention strategy, there is increasing need for quick, easy access to analytic intelligence. To that end, self-service analytics and business intelligence to enable casual users as well as power users to rapidly gain critical insights when making key decisions is essential.

CaphAnalytics is a data visualization framework for Healthcare and Clinical Analytical Application. A modern business intelligence solution with advanced visualization and integrated clinical, financial, and regulatory KPIs. Highly interoperable and uses state-of-the art technologies for ease of integration.

Healthcare Analytics Platform

IT Systems Generate Data. We Harness Its Potential.

Our healthcare analytics solutions normalize vast amounts of incredibly complex data across multiple sources in order to produce clear, human-powered insights you can act on.

The healthcare analytics platform of CassiopeiaTech, is a highly modular, scalable, flexible and interoperable platform for healthcare BI and analytics. With an extensive set of KPIs around clinical, financial, operational and regulatory reporting, CaphAnalytics offers powerful capabilities for advanced healthcare analytics, shared risk management, population health management and care co-ordination. It also provides advanced predictive analytics tools such as Readmission Management, Claim Analytics, Population Viewer and Value-Based Purchasing.

Apart from web services based architecture for data integration, CaphAnalytics also supports single sign-on and authorization using OpenID and OAuth framework that simplifies integration and reduces time-to-market.

Advanced visualizations

A framework for data visualization using advance visualization techniques like D3.


Advanced slicing and dicing using filter which can also be customized as per need.


Showcasing the analytical data by focusing on the KPIs around patient care and interventions using formats of meaningful care, DSRIP and more specific specialties.

Big Data support and Data sources

Adaptors included for various data sources from excel to sql.


Queries and calculations are optimized for the specific database you are using. In short, it is as performant as it can be.

Time manipulation

Powerful time sliding windows on the data for last month, last quarter, and compare to the previous three months.

Premium Map visualization

Premium maps using geocoding which can drill down to street levels.

All devices

Support cross-platform and cross-rendering charting frameworks.

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Real-Time Data Integration
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Workflow Intelligence
  • Mobility
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant

Meaningful, Powerful & extensible visualization

CAPH Analytics dashboard offers wide variety of visualization techniques and is built on top of a powerful AngularJS and JavaScript architecture.It uses D3 library of controls among other things to present the data and analysis in a meaningful way.

Full support for cross browser and mobile platform.

Slice and dice with customizable filters.

Drilldown and Drill through to get to the underlying data.

Inbuilt with a host of controls to perform comparative, categorical and time based analysis.

New charts and controls can easily be plugged in.


The framework is enabled by custom workflow including scheduling the data transfer between the platform and its underlying data source, which is also optimized for big data analytics.

Data security

You can define data security so specific users can only see a particular set of data. It works on all connectors.

Embed anywhere

Embed your dashboards into a web page, portals.


Easy to administer: you can import users from a CSV file, see advanced usage statistics, and configure it to match your brand.


Security is managed by OPEN ID and SAML based authentication with capabilities of sharing and publishing the dashboard. We use the latest cutting edge technologies Heart WG. The HEART Working Group intends to harmonize and develop a set of privacy and security specifications that enable an individual to control the authorization of access to RESTful health-related data sharing APIs, and to facilitate the development of interoperable implementations of these specifications by others.

OPEN ID, Active Directory security and OAUTH are implemented in addition of usual administrative functionalities like groups and users management.


We work with you to make your data work for you.

To solve today’s pressing healthcare issues, you first have to experience them from the frontlines. Our team of implementation experts have extensive working experience in healthcare, with almost 20 years in the field. Coming from renowned organizations they provide unmatched insight to uncover the possibilities hidden within your data.

  • Extensive clinical, operational and financial experience
  • Hands-on, role-based training
  • On-time and on-budget implementation
  • Dedicated support and consulting
  • Experience across multiple organizations and business issues

Implementation Services

Our implementation experts are a critical resource for integrating our analytics solutions into your organization—and helping you get the most out of them. During the implementation process, a dedicated team will provide on-site assistance and guide you every step of the way to ensure a seamless transition and immediate impact. And with extensive knowledge and experience in clinical and financial operations, risk, quality improvement, strategic planning and more, they’re fully equipped to help you reveal the transformative insights hidden within your very own data.

Best Practice Metrics Library

We offer access to thousands of previously developed dashboards, metrics and benchmarks to help inform your performance management efforts

Professional Services

You’ll have on-demand access to our team of healthcare professionals for consulting engagements that turn strategy into execution.

Tailored Training and Knowledge

Our team will provide on-site training and develop best practice processes custom tailored to your needs.

Quick-turn Implementation

Our consistently rapid and smooth implementation will have you up and running within days.

Ongoing Analytics Design

Close collaboration lets us continually improve and tailor dashboards, metrics, reports and analyses to fit your constantly evolving needs.

Dedicated Performance Advocacy

Healthcare, business and data experts work with you to develop and maintain best practices.


Improve Qualityof care.




1.models and KPIs
2.Resuable and Scalable APIs
3.Dashboard Visualizers


Challenges and Oppurtunities




Models KPIs Visualizations


Healthcare IT companies

Enable healthcare technology companies innovate, build, implement and sustain technology platforms. The healthcare market is seeing widespread adoption of emerging technologies like big data, mobile health, cloud computing and predictive analytics. Medical technology companies constantly face the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of their markets, while continuing to focus on supporting, maintaining and growing existing applications with large user base.

CaphAnalytics brings the vital domain focus, skilled professionals, and proven solutions expertise to help software companies meet this challenge.

Royalty free distribution:

Easy to embed within a product with royalty free use and no hassle with licensing cost. The costing is per implementation of the framework.

Healthcare providers

Accelerate deployment of interoperability, analytics, mobile, and cloud platforms to enhance patient care and move to value-based delivery.

Providers face multiple challenges around building an integrated, standards and evidence based healthcare delivery environment, to enhance quality of care, meet regulatory needs and minimize the costs of healthcare delivery. Given the scale and complexity of the IT environment, unique business needs and a rapidly evolving consumer market, these organizations face significant challenges in driving innovation. CaphAnalytics offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to help providers address complex industry challenges and help organizations leverage unique opportunities for innovation.


Successfully deployed at major healthcare provider locations

Supports Hadoop / big data and predictive analytics

Available as on-premise as well as SaaS based deployment option

CaphAnalytics: Success Stories

Population health

Integrated clinical, financial, operational reporting data for a leading healthcare analytical tool to identify and monitor high risk, high impact cohorts, and implement clinical alerts and define evidence based care guidelines.

Accountable Care

Analysis of a cohort with screening preventive care data to identify risks for a leading service provider.

Behavioral Health

Generated intelligence from aggregated clinical and claims data to find out behavioral health patterns for a leading service provider.

Company Overview

CassiopeiaTech is a leading healthcare technology services and solutions provider, partnering with leading healthcare organizations worldwide. CassiopeiaTech offers a wide range of healthcare technology services and solutions that focus on addressing some of the healthcare industry’s most complex challenges. With extensive capabilities in healthcare technology, long-term partnerships with healthcare technology leaders, world class service quality and a global resource base, CassiopeiaTech has consistently delivered best-in-class solutions and an unmatched cost advantage to its healthcare clients across the world.

CassiopeiaTech serves healthcare organizations, and enables them to build and implement cutting-edge technology to enhance care delivery, optimize clinical processes and accelerate innovation in healthcare.

CassiopeiaTech provides deep healthcare domain knowledge, strong technology expertise, compliance to world class quality and security standards, and a highly effective global resource base. Our ability to consistently exceed client expectations and an unmatched cost advantage, enables us to have more than 95% client retention rate over the past 8 years!


Given our 100% healthcare focus and strong expertise in clinical data, CassiopeiaTech is well positioned to meet the current and emerging needs of key stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem - healthcare technology companies/ISVs, large hospitals/IDNs, health plans and life sciences organizations.